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Are you looking for professional piano movers?  A piano is an expensive asset, which needs to be handled with care. It weighs hundreds of pounds and has an awkward shape. Piano moves are not easy and they are best left to professional piano movers. At DC Piano Moving our mission is to link you to best piano moving service in the Maryland area. Try our professional Piano Moving staff or one of our associates.

If you are thinking of moving your piano yourself, bear in mind that if it is damaged while being moved, you could end up spending a lot of money on repairing or replacing it. You could also end up injuring yourself while attempting to move your piano.

The DC Piano Movers will pack your piano properly to ensure that its surface is not scratched or damaged while it is being moved. We will secure its delicate internal parts to prevent damage, and will use specialized equipment like a piano dolly or piano board to move it safely.

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Flat Rate Movers And Storage - Flat Rate Movers And Storage has been serving its customers for over 10 years. We do local and long distance moving. We also have our own storage facilities. We specialize in all kinds of moves including residential, commercial, and coast to coast moving.
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Flat Rate Movers And Storage - Proud to serve the DC Metro area.
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Baltimore Piano Movers - Specializing in moving pianos in the Baltimore area. We move all pianos - Grand Pianos, Organs, Large Instruments. We here at Baltimore Piano Movers & Storage can appreciate all your concerns regarding your up coming move, therefor we would like you to lie back, relax and let us do the work for you.

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Flat Rate Piano Movers - We are proud of having one rate for moving pianos and large instruments. Call us for an estimate or just visit the link below. We are in the business of packing and moving people's most prided musical investment.

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